Type-safe dynamic beans factory with Scala 2.10 macros + Dynamic

With Scala 2.10.0 just out, we’ve now got a couple of shiny new toys:

  • Macros provide a clean (but experimental) way to plug into the Scala compiler, making AST rewrites very easy and mostly type-safe.
  • Dynamic is a type that lets you hijack method calls to predefined “fallback” methods (applyDynamic and al.).

The very interesting thing here is that despite its name, Dynamic only involves compile-time routing of unknown methods… and it is possible to implement applyDynamic using a macro!

This means using Dynamic you can create DSLs with code that is loosely typed (in Scala type system terms) and with macros we can still add your own custom compilation-time type-checks, and even rewrite the code so that it no longer refers to Dynamic at the first place!

Some practice: a type-safe dynamic beans factory

Java Beans are a bit tedious to create from Scala:

Well, with a Dynamic subclass that implements applyDynamicNamed using a macro, we can reach the following syntax:

And of course, this is all type-checked and rewritten to the exact same setter-intensive code as above, with the exact same runtime performance (nifty, isn’t it?).

Enjoy! (see newest sources and tests in Scalaxy’s repository)

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