My name is Olivier Chafik, I’m passionate with cool tech (interoperability, high performance, meta-programming) and ambitious UX projects.

Find me on GitHub (ochafik@), Mastodon ( for Open-Source and for Social), LinkedIn (ochafik) and Twitter (@ochafik, only if you Musk)

I’ve got a Diplôme d’Ingénieur from École Centrale Paris (equiv. MSc.) and have worked as a Software Engineer for ~ 10 years:

  • Since mid-2012: Google (London): YouTube for iOS, Swiffy, AdSense

    (Objective-C, JavaScript / ActionScript, Java / GWT, Dart)

  • 6 months at Deutsche Bank, working on a financial valuation service system and its computation grids

    (Spring, Netty…)

  • A year co-creating a startup, incubated at Advancia & NeuillyLab in Paris;

    Our team ended up splitting, but the project was great!

    (Scala, Vaadin, Logistics Simulations…)

  • 3 years leading a front office development team at Sophis (now Misys) in Paris:

    (C++ / C#, Oracle, Team Management and Usability focus)

  • 2 years doing 3D graphics at Cimmetry Systems in Montréal:

    (C++, OpenGL, Performance Optimization)

I’m also a prolific open-source developer, lucky enough to have attracted active contributors to some of my projects:

Here are some talks I’ve given about them:

I was also lucky to review Matthew Scarpino’s OpenCL in Action book (Manning Publications), which features a full chapter on JavaCL!

I’m always open to new challenges: come and challenge me!