I’ve done some important refactoring, made a few enhancements and fixed a few issues since the first public release of JNAerator :

  • long is converted correctly to NativeLong
  • Inner structures are declared within their enclosing structures.
  • Callbacks used inside structures are declared inside the structure.
  • Anonymous structures and callbacks are given a more consistent name (TODO consider using a more Java-like naming scheme).

    void Test(struct { union { int i; float f; } u; long v; void (*fptr)(); }* pArg);

  • Fixed argument passing of structures (added ByValue sub-class)
  • Fixed wide char strings and normal strings issues
  • Enhanced the look and feel of JNAeratorStudio
  • Added example file to JNAeratorStudio, with a simple button to load it.
  • Fixed hanging of JNAeratorStudio at startup
  • Documented the command line options and relevant environment variables

More to come soon !