OpenCL4Java v1.0-beta-1 is available !</p>

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Here are the main changes in this version since my first post about OpenCL4Java :

  • New CLPlatform class (~ OpenCL implementation) which now hosts the list*Devices(…) methods
  • Entry point of library is now OpenCL4Java.listPlatforms()
  • New CLEvent class, returned by all enqueue* methods (with methods waitFor, invokeUponCompletion…)
  • Better separation between blocking and non blocking calls
  • New CLSampler class supported as argument of CLKernel
  • Many info getters with typesafe enums / enum sets in classes CLDevice, CLPlatform, CLKernel…
  • Much more complete JavaDoc
  • Example & benchmark classes became JUnit tests and moved here

While this release is rather OpenCL4Java-focused, ScalaCL also got its bunch of enhancements :

  • Added scalar variables IntVar, FloatVar, ShortVar…
  • ‘local’ keyword can be added to variables so they’re local to the programs : val x = FloatVar local
  • Added many OpenCL math functions
  • Added methods ArrayVar.write(Range), ArrayVar.write(Seq)
  • Various bugfixes

ImageVar runtime support, tuples syntax and JOGL interop are top of my TODO list right now.

Don’t forget to register to NativeLibs4Java’s Google Group if you want to get notified about future releases.

Any feedback is welcome 🙂