OpenCL4Java v1.0-beta-3 is available !</p>

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Many thanks to those who helped me through bug reports (here and there), suggestions and moral support.

Here are the main changes since beta 2 :

  • Fixed Issue #8 : NativeLong’s can not represent size_t on windows x64 system (all user code that uses the low-level bindings needs to be updated : NativeLong -> NativeSize)
  • Added CLContext/CLDevice.isDoubleSupported, isHalfSupported, isByteAddressableStoreSupported
  • Added If function to ScalaCL (operates on statements or on expressions)
  • Added CLAbstractEntity.release()
  • Fixed Issue #4 : CLContext.createContext(CLDevice… devices) created context on only one device
  • Regenerated the low level bindings with latest JNAerator : now using NativeSize class instead of NativeLong for size_t (fixes Issue #8)
  • Fixed Issue #5 : fixed formatting of CLPlatform.toString()
  • Fixed Issue #6 : use max X workgroup dimension for better benchmark speed
  • Fixed Issue #7 : CLMem class bug in Usage.WriteOnly and Usage.ReadWrite
  • Fixed Issue #11 : call clRetainMemObject when sharing a cl_mem between CLBuffer instances.
  • Choose ‘best’ device in benchmark test

As usual, support is available on the NativeLibs4Java google group.