Here are the main changes in this new JNAerator release (available here) :

  • better C/C++ parsing (cast operators, templates, anonymous structs…)
  • Updated to JNA 3.2.5
  • fixed JNAerator issues #63, #64
  • enhanced BridJ runtime generation support
  • enhanced debug output in verbose mode
  • Added -beanStructs command line option to generate getters and setters for JNA (issue #62)
  • Added -scalaStructSetters to add fieldName_$eq setters to JNAerated BridJ struct fields so they can be used as natural setters from Scala

More information about BridJ.

Many thanks to those who helped me through bug reports (here and there), suggestions and moral support on the NativeLibs4Java mailing list.

Launch JNAerator Studio :