More than ever, JNAerator lets Java programmers access native libraries transparently, using a runtime such as BridJ (C / C++), JNA (C only) or Rococoa (Objective-C).

As version 0.9.6 was a kind of silent release (not advertised), here are the main changes since version 0.9.5 :

  • Fixed generation of typed pointers (+ introduced undefined types for BridJ runtime)
  • Added generation of globals for BridJ
  • Added -parseInOneChunk option to control parsing more finely (forces regular, non isolated-mode parsing, which is more correct but also more fragile)
  • Fixed issue 82 (enum renaming)
  • Fixed issue 79 (unescaped quotes in string defines)
  • Fixed issue 84 (some exotic function pointer syntax)
  • Fixed binding of Windows’ BOOL type for BridJ: it’s int, not boolean !!!
  • Added explicit call to setFieldOrder in JNAerated JNA structures (not needed with BridJ, which has its @Field annotations to guarantee proper order)
  • Enhanced parsing and AST generation of C/C++ expressions
  • Fixed BridJ inherited struct fields indexes computation

As usual, there’s more than one way to use JNAerator :

Many thanks to the bug reporters ! (you can help too : join the NativeLibs4Java Google Group)