BridJ is an innovative native bindings library that lets Java programmers use native libraries (written in C, C++, ObjectiveC and more) in a very natural way (inspired by the great JNA, with better performance, C++ and generics added).

Here’s a summary of the changes between version 0.4.1 and this new version 0.5 (see full change log here) :

  • Added support for the Android / arm platform (issue #69)
  • Added Pointer.clone() that duplicates the pointed memory (requires a pointer with bounds information)
  • Added various pre-packaged specialized subsets of BridJ : c-only, windows-only, macosx-only, unix-only, linux-only, ios-only, android (see details on the wiki)
  • Added Pointer.allocateDynamicCallback(DynamicCallback, callingConv, returnType, paramTypes…)
  • Added BridJ native library path override : one can set the BRIDJ_LIBRARY environment variable or the “bridj.library” property to the full path of
  • Fixed behaviour in environments with a null default classloader (as in Scala 2.9.0)
  • Added support for Java 1.5 (issue #57)
  • Added support for MacOS X 10.4, 10.5 (was previously restricted to 10.6)

Special thanks to Atsushi Eno, whose testing and many patch proposals were instrumental in getting BridJ to work on Android.

By the way : anyone can contribute to the project by reporting bugs here.

Wait no longer : download and use BridJ and join the NativeLibs4Java Community !