[JavaCL](http://code.google.com/p/javacl/) v1.0.0 RC2 is available !

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[Launch the new JavaCL Interactive Image Transform Editor.](http://nativelibs4java.sourceforge.net/webstart/OpenCL/InteractiveImageTransformDemo.jnlp)

Release Notes

Here are the main changes between [1.0.0-RC1](/p_615) and 1.0.0-RC2 ([see full change log](http://code.google.com/p/nativelibs4java/source/browse/trunk/libraries/OpenCL/CHANGELOG)) :

  • Release artifacts are available in Maven Central
  • Added support for sub-images reading/writing from/to CLImage2D (slower than with full images)
  • Fixed endianness issues with CLBuffer (issue #80)
  • Fixed migration of cached binaries to newer versions of OS (e.g. upgrading from Snow Leopard to Lion) (issue #81)
  • Fixed handling compiler options containing spaces (issue #274)
  • Fixed tutorial artifact pom repositories (issue #279)
  • Fixed support of Intel’s OpenCL 1.5 Windows runtime (issue #297)
  • Fixed many Javadoc typos
  • Enhanced LocalSize API (added static factory methods for all primitive types)
  • Deprecated CLContext.getKernelsDefaultByteOrder() and CLDevice.getKernelsDefaultByteOrder()
  • Added more informative exceptions when passing null pointers to CLBuffer.writeBytes (issue #257)
  • Updated to OpenCL 1.2 headers
  • Added -cl-nv-verbose, -cl-nv-maxrregcount, -cl-nv-opt-level + proper log even without error when nv-verbose is set
  • Enhanced handling of endianness : warn when creating contexts with devices that have mismatching endianness, throw when creating buffer out of Buffer / Pointer with bad endianness
  • Changed signature of CLPlatform.listDevices (now takes a single CLDevice.Type, including All, instead of an EnumSet thereof)

Getting started

You can read the Getting Started (Tutorial) page on the wiki to get started very quickly !

Please join the NativeLibs4Java Google Group to discuss JavaCL / ScalaCL, get the latest news and ask for support from the growing JavaCL community.