After talking about it for weeks (months ?) and many user requests (mostly from Jérôme), I eventually added this feature to Cim, my serverless instant messenger software.


Cim (Cimple Instant Messenger) still needs Java 1.5 to run.

I haven’t done much testing of the tree feature, so feel free to submit bug reports and enhancement ideas 😀

[Edit Nov. 6th] After some co-workers had a hard time trying to use Cim today, I fixed quite a few issues they reported to me : the automatic status should be back and most of the contact tree-related issues should be fixed.

  • removed this unelegant gap between groups
  • added a sorting of contacts within the same group (by status first, then by alphabetical name)
  • added a sorting of groups : the user’s group always appears on top of the list, and the others are sorted alphabetically
  • the tree remembers correctly when you collapsed a group you didn’t care about, so that it is not expanded again at each status change…
  • the automatic status under Solaris might be fixed, as I eventually looked at make’s manual page and adapted the compilation commands… Still no automatic status under Mac OS X, though :-S
  • the filter-as-you-type feature of the contacts tree works again, and the result is just too cool 😀