After almost three months with no new build, I decided to give a very light update to Sim, which is still in beta but has never been closer to its final 1.0 version.

Here are the main changes :

  • updated the About panel with the licensing information for JmDNS.
  • prevented the windows from being resized to zero-width or zero-height sizes (thanks, Calin)
  • the Java Web Start file now offers to create a desktop shortcut for Sim.
  • the identifiers on the network are now consistent over relaunches of Sim : if a user logs off and logs in, people who were chatting with him will be able to go on chatting in the same sessions.
  • fixed the phone number in the profile : it now gets saved properly !
  • now works on the Java 6 platform (previous versions of Sim were using SwingUtilities2 unduly, which was not part of the standard Java API and was removed by Sun).

As for the final version’s license, I still haven’t decided whether I will release Sim under the GPL or not… The main thing that refrains me from doing so right now is… laziness ! Indeed, I will have to change all the license references in the JmDNS source code (which is currently under the LGPL), cleanup my own code (add copyright info and license references)… It will take me an evening that could be best used in something else… But if there is demand from users, I will do it 🙂

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